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No areas of discussion are off-limits and differences of opinion are encouraged. Past topics have ranged from Cannabis to Censorship , Libertarianism to the Lightning Network , and Sex Workers to Segwit2x . Industry leaders such as Adam Back , Michael Saylor and President Nayib Bukele have shared the WBD mic along with rising stars. Individual podcast episodes have focused on engaging and accessible conversations with some of the industry’s most influential minds.

What's different is you only trade the shares of this trust, and the shares might trade above the value of the Bitcoin that's actually owned by this trust, and I think currently, they're even trading below the value. You can go to your broker and buy stocks in this trust, essentially shares in this trust. By this way, you have exposure to Bitcoin because you know that this trust is backed by Bitcoin. It's called net asset value. You cannot call Grayscale and say, "Can you please send me my Bitcoin?" If you want to use the Bitcoin, you cannot do it. I think it's New York Stock Exchange. Bernd Schmid: Grayscale is essentially a trust or crypto it's a fund which buys Bitcoin, and the shares of this fund are traded in the stock exchange. If you have the Bitcoin in your wallet, you can do something with the Bitcoin. Not exact, but if you just want to get exposure to Bitcoin, see how it feels, btc the price swings that you experience, you can do that, but you don't own the Bitcoin yourself. You essentially would have to sell the shares in this trust, get your money back, and then use your money for cryptocurrency whichever you want to do. That's the main difference. You get actually quite good exposure to the Bitcoin price movement to it.

Automate your punditry . Reduce the task to its essence. These dice represent the platonic ideal of criticism — anything else is garnish. I’ve carefully included the most popular and sophisticated objections to Bitcoin, completely saving you the trouble.

Ben Arc is a free open-source software advocate and founder of LNbits. In this interview, we discuss how LNbits helps to decentralize custodianship and how Bitcoin’s widescale utility outweighs the environmental FUD.

Launched in November of 2017, the podcast has grown to over 500 episodes with a guest list that is a testament to the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the broader Bitcoin community. The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is a tri-weekly Bitcoin podcast where host Peter McCormack interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment and adoption.

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The smooth scalability that Eureka allows makes it possible to develop complex independent ecosystems on-chain as well as through side-chains. With theindependent PoS solution that the Eureka Blockchain allows thestakers of those projects get to be fully in control of their sidechains and their networks of nodes receive the staking rewards of that independent network. The Eureka Blockchain comes with a complete user-friendly infrastructure of wallets, full node and SPV clients, exchanges, etc. Every single transaction that takes place on the Eureka Blockchain burns some Eureka Coins (ERK) out of circulation. By the time the Eureka Blockchain is widely used worldwide the development company will launch prepaid cards denominated in ERK and a merchant API allowing Eureka Coin to be used by various businesses throughout the world as a means of payment. The Eureka Blockchain is built to be able to host innovative Blockchain implementations and practical DeFi solutions for worldwide use. The Eureka Network is a user-friendly open-source development framework to deploy any type of decentralized applications & it is built to allow other projects to create tokens & ecosystems that can be secured using their own independent PoS networks.

Every PoSstaker of every token/sidechainbuilt on top of the Eureka Blockchain receives EurekaCoin (ERK) as the staking reward since Eureka Coin (ERK) is the native coin of the blockchain with which transaction gas is paid.

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imageEureka Coin (ERK) is used as a base coin on the exchange. All projects that are built on top of the Eureka Network will be guaranteed a free listing on EurekaX. To insure a high quality market place to trade Eureka Coin (ERK) the development company created the EurekaXcentralised exchange featuring the highest liquidity exchanges in the world by linking the EurekaX order book with those of the top crypto exchanges such asBinance and OKEx and the rest.

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